Rock your leadership

Le jeudi 26 janvier de 12:00 à 14:00
Metz Techno'pôles (CESCOM)
4 rue Marconi, 57070 Metz

Improve your English at lunchtime – Boost your leadership in your professional and personal activities and succeed in undertaking your projects for 2023

Regardless of your status, hierarchical level and the environment in which you work, discover the four pillars of great leaders and how to put them into practice to succeed in your mission.

These pillars must be ROCK solid. This word being an acronym for Rules, Organization, Communication and Knowledge.

We all have 2 unconscious elements that can weaken these pillars. Francis ZENTZ,nternational speaker, trainer, and coach on Leadership and Public Speaking, 25 years of experience, will help you discover them and make them your allies.

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